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Business Advantages of Going Paperless

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Going paperless has lots of benefits in store for your business. The system aligns with clouding, E-commerce, and other online-based business processes. Top Brisbane accountants, bookkeepers, and other business professionals, highly recommend the paperless office system. The perks include being able to access files while you’re on vacation, tightened data security, and faster business processes.

Here are nine of the most common advantages of going paperless;

1.       Eliminate office clutter

No more bulky office files. Filing cabinets, folders, drawers, and in-and-out organisers gone. Staplers, highlighter, and paper clips gone. Paper shredder, fax machine, and copier – all gone. What you get is a sleek office, with more space and clean desks and tables.

cluttered office paper files

2.       Eco-Friendly

Paper comes from trees. The less paper we use, the less trees are felled. And the more trees we have, the better for the environment and the planet. Printers, fax machines, and other office equipment also need to be powered, increasing the carbon footprint of your company.

shredded paper waste

3.       Real time business processes

Going fully automated enables your business of real time processing of key business procedures. Accounting, bookkeeping, inventory, payroll, billing, invoicing, and even bill payments are done without delay and hassle of printing documents, snail mailing, and manual logging of transactions.

online business processes

4.       Improved security of office documents

In a paperless office system, there are no or very minimal physical documents to secure. Transactional documents, contracts, receipts, and other important paperwork are done online, and thus, records are also virtually secured. This will eliminate the risk of any loss due to theft, fire, floods, or misfiling. As long as proper backup, access, and security procedures are done, virtual files are perfectly safe.

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5.       File access convenience

Cloud computing completely changed the office setup. Gone are the nine-to-five restrictions and brick and mortar office structures. Office work can now be done anywhere and anytime. Most Brisbane accounting, bookkeeping, and other office processes are now outsourced and done online. This enables accountants and bookkeepers to work outside the four walls of the office. Access to employees are also easier to control and manage, giving managers the option to provide access files only to employees working on it.

files sharing around the world

6.       File sharing convenience

Files and documents can be sent and shared with anyone around the world – easily and in real time. This is an essential advantage for international companies. Emailing and clouding let multiple access to the same file, allowing them to view, access, or work simultaneously as needed. It is also easier to retain and backup original copies of the files.

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7.       Auditing expediency

Paper trail and audit are simpler in a paperless system. Access are completely controlled, time-stamped, and recorded. Access and file authorities can be set with limitations, keeping people off files that do not correspond to their work. Authorisation can be easily revoked and passwords changed when needed.

computer auditing online

8.       Overhead Savings

Setting up a paperless office system needs a lot of complex and hard work. The infrastructure – computers, software, tools, employee training, and internet connection, can also be a major expenditure for the company. However, after the initial purchase and installation, you can expect your office costs and expenses to drop. Stationery, printing, and mailing expenses will be dramatically reduced, if not eliminated. Employees are also more efficient, doing more work in less time, thus, savings on manpower.

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9.       Streamlined business system

Running a business becomes simpler with a paperless office system. Gone are the three copies of invoices, the bulky books of accounts, or the voluminous letter files. Emails, calls, and other important business correspondence are easier to track and document. Business and financial reporting can be done as needed. Managers, owners, business planners, and other stakeholders no longer have to wait for the next financial reports, data are available and reports can be generated anytime.

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The most advanced and experienced Brisbane accountants and bookkeepers highly recommend going paperless. It can help you run your business better, faster, and more efficiently. Call us anytime to discuss the best accounting software and services for your company.